Gurdjieff Scotland


The ideas brought by Mr Gurdjieff are on every level a practical approach to living, and they prove themselves through study to be adaptable to contemporary conditions and concerns, whatever one's heritage or background. Above all, they offer each individual who is interested a means of personal verification of what is proposed. In this respect it is a truly educational process, and quite distinct from anything which might be seen as dogmatic.

In open discussion of the questions and observations presented by participants, Mr Gurdjieff's ideas themselves can be approached and explored. In practical activities pursued in groups, crafts and skill levels are developed, requiring a degree of mutual attentiveness and communication which would not be exercised by individuals engaged in solitary projects.

An integral aspect of Mr Gurdjieff's method of teaching are the Movements - sometimes referred to as dance exercises. In fact the movements can come to be appreciated as something more than dance. Requiring neither the athleticism or expressiveness involved in gymnastics or dance, they lead participants of whatever age or physique, to an increased co-ordination and balance. Those who persevere in this discipline can appreciate in advancing years the clear value of this, which is a physical education in its truest sense. Where this process touches on the deeper aspects of experience can be discovered by anyone who wishes to take part.

Regular meetings are held in Edinburgh and Aberdeen. We would welcome enquiries from people who have a sincere interest in the ideas of G.I.Gurdjieff and who are searching to discover the truth about themselves in relation to the world around them. Guidance is offered in the study of Gurdjieff's ideas and their practical application and relevance to today's world. By working on all sides of oneself a new awareness begins to emerge which gives a deeper understanding of the sense and purpose of one's life.

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