Experiences of Work

What I Value...

"What I value most in my work currently is the direct experience of the present moment; not identified, not caught up in thought, action or emotional reactions, but standing outside of those or watching them, just being with what is. It is only from this place of presence that some of the core ideas can be practised or even considered."
CB, Edinburgh, 2013

Of most interest...

"Of most interest to me at the moment in the teaching are the ideas about essence and the ideas about higher centres. With regard to essence in particular the concept that we have an "essential nature", the person we are born as, who we really are and the development of this (which in a real sense is "us") is arrested at a very young age by the way people around us behave towards us and by the education we receive. One aspect of the teaching is the way it can provide a path back to our essential nature, not so that we may become child-like and ineffective in life but so that a balance can start to grow between our intellectual, emotional and physical natures as a result of a new life behind them."
SB, Aberdeen, 2013

One of the ideas...

"One of the ideas from Gurdjieff that has appealed to me from my first contact with his Work has been the notion not to accept anything, not even his writings, but to verify for myself. This sounds like very sensible advice but does pose an interesting question. How can I verify? What means do I have to do so..?"

"...Initially I may only have my gut feeling to rely on when I read Gurdjieff's understanding of our inner lives or try to take in his immense cosmological ideas. Something in me recognises a truth in what he says, he speaks about something that feels more real. Though simultaneously something in me rebels and rejects the same notions. Surely he is not talking about me when he says that I have no will or talks about a table of hydrogens..."

"...I try to value the ideas by comparing them with other ideas I have read or heard about. Scientific discoveries or other teachings that appear legitimate. The question niggles however; do I really know all this to be true? Moreover, do I understand it - as a personal experience? Or is this all a mind game that, when played well, shows me as clever, intelligent, to others and myself?"
IE, Aberdeen, 2013

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